what we do

We, simply, strive to turn our dreams and visions into reality. We work on heylo, Coolest Clock and Under the Dark Sun.. exceptionally revolutionary and game changing concepts, and we work hard to turn them into reality. all of them introduce possibilities that we have never seen before, but have desired for ages, and we will make them real and possible to use for anybody.

We aim to break out of the technology shell and get back to basics of being social and bring back the face-to-face interpersonal interaction. We want to give people more chances to create connections with others, strike up brand new friendships, and to have more quality time together to have a better life.


from an


to a

  • "Creative genius at its best"
  • “Finally, a technology that brings you closer to people in your lives”
  • “Uniquely designed and visualized.”
  • “Just what the world is waiting for”
  • “Stylish, sophisticated and super-awesome!”
  • “New, revolutionary, exciting”
  • “..a wonderfully unique idea. I can’t wait to see it in action!”
  • “..a great idea with many possibilities”
  • “..it has the potential to be the next big thing for sure”
  • “A totally awesome idea”
  • “Simply awesome concept. Can’t wait to get my heylo!”
  • “The change we have been waiting for”
  • "A complete strokes of series"

history in the making

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